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The story behind Beads Online with Deb my Online Bead Stor

The love of beads

Beads Online with Deb has been created out of love and passion for beads, beading colour and design.  Debbie has always had a passion for beads. From an early age I was fascinated with beads. My mother gave me a bag of beautiful hand-painted glass beads that belonged to my grandmother.  Many years later I pulled that necklace out of storage and re - strung the necklace, added my touches and WOW it looked stunning!!!!  

The rest is history. Self taught and with a background in colour and design in graphic design, I started to create jewellery. It was a huge success, slowly escalating from friends buying, to jewellery parties, markets and a yearly Christmas fair than runs for two days.

My aim is to bring unique finished products to customers that leaves a WOW factor. 

Designing stunning beaded jewellery began in the 90's, quickly learning new techniques and using  a variety of colour palettes to create new designs.

Knowledge and techniques needed to be shared with other fellow beaders and  Beads Online with Deb opened a retail outlet on the Gold Coast, Queensland and maintained a successful online retail presence. Life changed and so did circumstances. Moving back to New South Wales, meant that Beads Online with Deb had to close shop for a little while to re-establish the company in New South Wales.

Beads Online with Deb re-opened for business again in 2014. And here we are. We have grown from strength to strength, expanding our business and supplies to overseas customers. Our beads and designs are sought all over the world.


I also know that there are many great designer/beaders out there who just need the beads and tools to help them create their own WOW factor. That is why Beads Online with Deb has a great supply of beads to help achieve that amazing piece of handmade jewellery. And we are adding products all the time.

Take your time look around and I am sure you will find what you need. If your not a beader and simply want to purchase, then please take a look in the section: More and then Jewellery for Sale.

 Welcome to Beads Online with Deb